What Are The Types of Cracks in Concrete Repair?

Concrete cracks can appear because of different factors, such as shrinkage, improper strength of the concrete mix, Natural disaster, lack of control joints, and so on. Depending on this cause the types of Cracks in concrete can be determined. Furthermore, the determination of cracks types is extremely necessary in order to patch cracks in concrete. There are vast ranges of products that can be used for patching cracks in concrete, however, each of these products has its own functionality as some of them can be only applicable to a certain type of cracks. So what are the types of cracks in concrete? Here is a comprehensive list of each of those cracks types that can be seen usually.

Types of cracks

Each of the cracks is more concerning than one another. These cracks are,

Hairline cracks aren’t much of a threat. However, it might get wider with time. So, in order to prevent this from getting bigger, you should immediately treat it with the necessary materials.

Shrinkage cracks often appear due to excessive water in the concrete mix. It can be cured or treated with proper joint replacement.

Settlement cracks occur mainly due to improper installation.

Structural cracks ran through a wide area. The width of the cracks is no more than the size of a credit card. However, if it is left unattended it can result in severe problems in the future.

There is a wide assortment of products available to treat these cracks. However, it’s always better to treat them the moment you notice these cracks appearing on your concrete. Consult with a specialist before taking any measure. This will help you find the proper solution for the problem.