Anti-Counterfeit Label: The Best Security Protection For Your Company’s Goods!

The tradition of easing down the manual labor and the time consumption while completing a certain task has been really common in almost all the professional sectors and strategies, efforts have been made to make sure that the ways of less time consumption and manual labor should be imposed on the companies at all times.

Therefore, most companies make use of high-end machinery and technological upgrades and advancements have led to the innovation of some exquisite pieces of machinery that succeed in doing the assignment in a timeframe that is way less than the manual timeframe window.

Who knows a little about how technology works?

QR code has been a convenient way of scanning and decoding the encoded information for a very very long time, and now the AR codes have claimed their position with the better benefits they claim to provide the people who are using them.

The anti counterfeit label, i.e the AR code is similar to a QR appearance-wise but is way ahead of its time when it comes to security and tracking the packages that it is used on. This label is better than a QR code because it is visually different than a QR code although minor similarities are still there, you can also add your company’s name in the code which was not possible before.

The other benefits of using this code are that it provides a higher level bank graded security i.e anti-copy and anticounterfeit and can be only authenticated through a specific application, it can be printed directly on the products which make multiple amounts of scanning very easy, and the users can also have a unique id with every code that helps to track and follow the product.

The anti counterfeit label is ahead of the QR code due to these and other such advancements and maybe in the future, these labels can be more advanced by integrating the topmost components and making extensive use of the newer technology.