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When a bathroom is getting old, you can first see it in the ceramics such as the wash basin and toilet, but especially in the bathtub. The bathtub gets rough with age, it has often suffered impact damage and discoloration and it no longer shines, making cleaning more and more difficult.

Many owners and tenants still shy away from repairing their bathtubs because they believe that this can only be done with a complete, expensive and dirt-intensive replacement of the old bathtub. But as long as your bathtub is not seriously damaged, a bathtub can be refurbished so that it can stay in the bathroom and we can give it a new coating.

As a specialist company for bathtub repairs by handyman jobs in Commerce Township, MI and the surrounding area, we have the knowledge to carry out repairs and recoating of your bathtub with the right materials and techniques.

Repair instead of tearing out

If your ceramic sanitary ware has suffered impact damage over time or is rough and discolored, then we offer the right and inexpensive way to give your bathroom a new shine with a new coating.

We remove impact damage and punctual damage in bathtubs and showers, cracks and scratches so carefully that they are no longer visible. We have many colors available that we can adapt to your bathtub or shower. So that everything looks good again!

Repairing your bathtub – always cheaper than replacing it!

Tearing out an old bathtub always means effort, dirt and time in which the bathtub cannot be used. However, we will do the new coating on your premises in a very short time and you can use your bathtub or shower again after 24 hours. Inexpensive tub repairs instead of expensive replacements is our motto as a tub doctor.

A bathtub repair is not only ecologically sensible; it is also cheaper than replacing the bathtub. Another big advantage is the time saved and the fact that the new coating is done with little dirt and noise.

Before hiring professionals, the most important thing is written agreements:

Those who rely on verbal agreements can have problems insisting on prices, requesting improvements or taking legal action. Services and requirements should therefore be well described in requests for quotations.